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AVNetnews About us

Watchdog journalism, no lapdog, Poodle podcaster,  pablum pusher zone.

Parental Alienation syndrome, disenfranchisementAVNetnews beyond the news, politics, religion, invisible orphans, oppressed fathers. About us Gary Woodroffe Gary Lee Woodroffe

We are AVNetnews, maintain a fact based watchdog policy toward journalism. We are independent, not controlled or influenced by corporate media big players. Our passion continues to maintain Truth, Justice and Mercy for those who have no voice especially the disenfranchised children and fathers. This is not to discount the status of disenfranchised mothers; however, the majority of the disenfranchised are now males, the reverse of our society 100 years ago. We realize our policy to expose injustice is sometimes unpopular; however, our Creator Jehovah Adonai commands it.

AVNetnews About us

AVNetnews beyond the news, politics, religion, invisible orphans, oppressed fathers.

http://www.AVNetnews.net & http://www.ReGenesisradio.net are independent media journalists, formal education Seattle University Broadcast Journalistm Dept, Deans list advanced composition 1994.

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We offer our journalism & seasoned technical experience to numerous mainstream media sources who pick up our exclusive stories at no cost. Your business support or donations are greatly appreciated and much needed to cover basic expenses. Feel free to contact us for marketing services.

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