Trans Pacific Partnership

TPP Trans Pacific Partnership A Constitutional Train Wreck?

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TPP Trans Pacific Partnership A Constitutional Train Wreck?
  • By Jackson Browning

TPP Trans Pacific Partnership A Constitutional Train Wreck?
Trans Pacific Partnership

Is the TPP Trans Pacific Partnership A Constitutional Train Wreck? Allow me to preface by stating: Business 101 teaches us that if you can’t increase Revenue you must decrease expenses to produce a higher profit…(at your expense).

On February 2nd 2016, The Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) was signed in New Zealand by its 12 member Countries including the United States, Canada, Mexico, and Japan among others in the Pacific Rim. The agreement is only NOW available to the public after being drafted over the last SEVEN (7) YEARS and could be FAST TRACKED by Obama’s new authority granted by him via the Trade Promotion Authority (TPA) which states that “If the President transmits a fast track trade agreement to Congress, then…the entire Congressional consideration could take no longer than 90 days.” – see

Just as the so-called “Judicial Improvements and Access to Justice Act” of 1988 hid its actual intent of limiting access to the Federal Courts, the TPP is ANYTHING but a “partnership” – at least one that will benefit the citizens under its membership’s control. The TPP is also incredibly vague and opens interpretation to the will of its corporate membership.

If you think that you shouldn’t be concerned with vague regulation or law, please do yourself a favor and read the PA article entitled “The Judicial Branch Removed Itself From The Checks and Balances System in the 1970’s Empowering the Denial of Civil Rights”


( ). This article describes the text of Pennsylvania’s Constitutional Amendment of Article V Section 10( C ) – wherein: “…the text of the amendment was somewhat ambiguous, and the manner in which the Judiciary began to use this power, exceeded that which the Executive and Legislative Branches had intended” Now, after reading this, go to the website of your own State’s Constitution and read over its associated amendments – you’re bound to read the same kind of vague framework.

Experts that have reviewed the TPP to date unanimously agree that the purpose of this partnership is to do, in substantial part, the following:
  • Remove your internet privacy and restrict free speech protections that are critical for journalists and whistleblowers.
  • Lower your food safety standards by allowing the import of sub-standard product.
  • Lower your wages by opening flood-gates to the off-shoring of jobs.
  • Prohibit banking competition from citizen owned & self-controlled digital currency.
  • There will be NO DUE PROCESS as the TPP will be held to extra-judicial

Here are a few excerpts from the TPP analysis documentation links available at

  •  The  DMCA [Digital Millennium Copyright Act]  framework  has  created  a  ‘heckler’s  veto’ where  the  cost  of  compliance  means  that  most  Internet  intermediaries [i.e. ISPs]  are  not  able  to  bear  the  costs  of  hosting  critical  or  unpopular content” – The Impact  of  Trade Agreements on Innovation,  Freedom  of  Expression  and  Privacy: Internet  Service Providers’ Safe Harbors and Liability
  •  The  public  is  harmed  by  the  loss  of  speech  via  indirect  chilling  effect  no  less  than  if  the  government  had  wrongly  ordered  removal  of  lawful  postings directly. ” – Wendy  Seltzer Free  Speech  Unmoored  in  Copyright’s  Safe  Harbor:  Chilling  Effects  of  the  [Digital Millennium Copyright Act] DMCA  on  the  First  Amendment 24  Harvard  Journal  of  Law  and  Technology  171  (2010)  available  at
Here’s an excerpt from

 “Perhaps most shocking to anyone who owns a website is a requirement that countries publish databases of names and addresses associated with certain domains.”

So, which likely Presidential Candidates voted in favor of the TPA giving Obama this authority? (per )

  • Hillary Clinton
  • Jeb Bush
  • Ted Cruz, and
  • Marco Rubio (absent for TPA but supports TPP)

So, what should you do?

  • Do your own research and find out how this impacts you (especially if you are fighting for your rights in Family Court – or any Court for that matter).
 TPP Trans Pacific Partnership A Constitutional Train Wreck? Review the materials on for documentation and online activism against the TPP.

Prior to joining any Family Court Reform or Parental Rights movement I’ve been very active in both the technology, digital currency (Anti Money Laundering/Know Your Customer), and Telecommunication spaces. One of the most important things that I’ve noticed while working in these fields is that nearly ALL of the cutting-edge internet/digital currency discoveries have been developed OUTSIDE of the United States – because those entrepreneurs always knew this (TPP and other scary things) would happen.

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Bitcoin consulting AVNetmedia Jackson Browning
Bitcoin consulting AVNetmedia Jackson Browning
TPP Trans Pacific Partnership A Constitutional Train Wreck?

-Jackon Browning is a learned constitutional student, advanced Economics degree, engineer and proud dad.  He has worked in technologies with a security clearance.

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