02-02-2016 Oregon Statewide CLGJ Request

Thirty Things Didn’t Happen Oregon Standoff

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  • Cyrus King

In the middle of the tsunami of opinions and LEO information saying what happened in the Oregon Standoff, author points out what didn’t happen in the Oregon standoff:

  1. At no time did the Patriots impeded any Federal Agent from entering the Malheur refuge.
  2. At no time did the Federal agents request entry to the refuge.
  3. At no time did the Patriots threaten the Federal or state with violence.
  4. At no time did the Federal or State LEO’s acknowledge or agree to repeated, multiple requests of Ammon Bundy or any other Patriot to engage in discussion.
  5. At no time did the Patriots respond with threats of violence when they were threatened by the Federal or state LEO’s.
  6. At no time did probable cause exist for pulling over the Bundy truck on their way to Grant county.
  7. At no time did any warrant exist for any Patriot when they were pulled over on hiway 395 the day Lavoy Finnicum was shot.
  8. At no time did any warrant exist for Lavoy or anyone else the day Lavoy was shot.
  9. At no time did the Oregon State Police show their ID when Ryan Bundy and others demanded for them to identify themselves.
  10. The Oregon State Police nor the FBI had identified themselves when they started shooting at the traffic stop.
  11. The FBI at no time identified themselves at any point at any time as FBI the day Lavoy was shot.
  12. At no time does evidence show any proper identification by the FBI or Oregon State Patrol during the entire #OregonStandoff.
  13. At no time does conclusive evidence show Lavoy was reaching for any weapon when he was shot with his hands up.
  14. At no time does evidence show any LEO was threatened when Lavoy was shot in the back at least three times.
  15. At no time do any of the videos from inside the truck show any of the LEO’s shot six times as claimed by the LEO’s in the press conference.
  16. At no time does the government demonstrate any miniscule effort to cooperate in good faith with the Hammonds throughout years and years of appeals throughout Unconstitutional bureaucratic courts beginning 1988 or before of their systematic, unconstitutional land grab.
  17.  At no time did the Federal government show good faith to properly compensate ranchers for their land for a fair price.
  18. At no time did the Federal government show any attempt to comply with the Art I Section 8 requirements of the U.S Constitution for compliance with land ownership.
  19. At no time did the LEO’s who murdered Lavoy demonstrate any effort to save Lavoy’s life or administer first aid after he lay shot bleeding to death.
  20. At no time did the LEO’s allow Shawna Cox or the ladies in the truck access to Lavoy to administer first aid to Lavoy when he lay bleeding to death on the ground.
  21. At not time did anyone in the truck demonstrate any threat approaching the “kill box” ambush zone put together by the LEO’s.
  22. At no time was the “kill box” ambush murder conspiracy approved by Oregon state law for a lawful or constitutional method of detaining any of the Patriots.
  23. At no time did the LEO’s have their body cams turned on during the ambush; rather, they were ordered to turn their body cams off during the murder.
  24. At no time was full disclosure of all facts, video, sound and witness testimony released to the public by the LEO’s of the murder.
  25. At no time does any rational basis in fact or law exist to charge any of the Patriots or independent media to justify charges of “impeding a Federal Officer”.
  26. At no time does any clear mission or agenda exist for any Federal or State LEO for any lawful purpose in Oregon, Washington, California, Utah, Texas or anywhere else to explain what mission of the LEO’s was impeded by the Patriots to justify prison time.
  27. At no time does the State or Federal agencies justify why the Patriots were kept in solitary confinement after locked up in jail.
  28. At no time do any of the Patriots exhibit any psychological or legal history or modus operandi exist to justify LEO’s arrest, ambush or murder.
  29. At no time does the FBI or state government demonstrate a history of integrity to enforce the U.S Constitution, Federal or State laws regarding We the People.
  30. At no time during the standoff did the LEO’s communicate with, warn or execute any lawful eviction procedures of the public property regarding the Malheur refuge.
Thirty Things didn’t happen in Oregon Standoff