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November 19, 2015
Contact: Raquel Okyay (813) 445-1659,


Tampa- Community groups Operation Expose CPS, Anonymous Tampa, South Florida Cop Watch and End Florida Corruption are gathering for a public awareness campaign “Stop Forced Adoptions” Sat., Nov. 21 between 4:30-5:30PM on the public sidewalk on Route 60 at the entrance of Westfield Brandon mall, located at 459 Brandon Town Center Drive.

FORCED ADOPTION INTERNATIONAL PROTEST The FORCED ADOPTION INTERNATIONAL PROTEST  is aimed at showing the public how the Sunshine State and the World has failed to preserve family integrity and failed to stop forced adoptions. Organizers are calling on parents, victims, family advocates, anons, concerned citizens and activists to come to the event and be heard.

Guest speaker Augustus Sol Invictus, Candidate for U.S. Senate, said when the state has sovereignty over our children, Huxley’s Brave New World has commenced.

“For generations there has been a trend toward giving the government more and more power,” said the Orlando attorney. “But no part of that trend is more nefarious or more frightening than that of separating children from their parents, whether by the school system or the judicial process.”

The state is often criticized for putting funding ahead of families; the more children the state takes into custody, shuffles through the foster system, and ultimately into adoption, the more dollars it collects from the federal government. Financial incentives turn children into targets, said a former Guardian ad Litem. “Each child in the state of Florida has a bounty on their head.”

AVNetnews said in a statement:

“Forced adoptions under the color of child protection essentially reveals nothing more than child trafficking, eclipsing Jim Crow slavery laws of the 1850’s. The exposing and correction of this torture must be corrected for the survival of our society.”

#StopForcedAdoptions is Worldwide, Peaceful, Public Protests.

Operation Expose Child Protective Services (#OpExposeCPS) is also an anonymous international movement that seeks to expose CPS, the courts, and the state for undermining families in a scheme to place as many children in state’s care, to traffic into foster care, and then adoption to collect federal funding.

#StopForcedAdoptions Worldwide
#StopForcedAdoptions Worldwide
#StopForcedAdoptions Worldwide

If the state successfully adopts the children within 18 months they receive cash bonuses. Many players are involved from the social workers to the judges, who prey on weak and unsuspecting parents for child removal. In particular the poor. A 2013 study found 16 out of 17 children should not have been removed at all. Parents complain and complain to every politician, L.E. agency, media outlet, and the majority of them turn a blind eye. The Sat. event #StopForcedAdoptions is worldwide, with peaceful, public protests happening all weekend.


Westfield Brandon Mall on public sidewalk on route 60 459 Brandon Town Center Dr
Brandon, Florida
4:30 pm, Sat. Nov. 21.
 Contact: Raquel Okyay
(813) 445-1659

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#StopForcedAdoptions  Worldwide