Stigma-Plus Trophies Heavy Handed Mythical Unconstitutional Ex-Post Facto

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Stigma-Plus Trophies Heavy Handed Mythical Unconstitutional Ex-Post Facto

By Cyrus King

Stigma-Plus Trophies Heavy Handed Mythical Unconstitutional Ex-Post Facto
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FLORIDA 2016 – Read our report on “What is Stigma Plus?”  To understand the scope and depth of this [worse than] unconstitutional slap-in-the-face to our founding fathers here.  The result is disenfranchisement resulting from defamation creating the current legal junkyard of destroyed families, children, suicide, careers, homelessness from the bitter sting of unemployable sex offenders, most of which are well able to work their careers; yet, are blackballed from all employment because of the state sponsored defamation resulting in Stigma-plus. Florida’s F.S 943.0435 is a trophy of an unconstitutional train wreck.

Here are a few trophies of no-rational-basis heavy-handed-insanity brought to you by the State of Florida.

RW was railroaded in 1986, of Lewd & Lascivious conducted,  convicted by a South Florida State Attorney who blocked defense testimony of approximately 100 defense witnesses, parents, verified alibies; however, the State Attorney insisted on using unreliable child hearsay without basis in factual evidence; which SCOTUS reversed in Whorton v.Bockting  and Idaho v. Wright.  In RW’s case the child went into the panic mode and flat out refused a medical exam to verify any sexual assault; hence, no medical evidence was ever presented, only the child’s verbal statements which changed dates, places, descriptions about 4 to 5 times.  RW went to [the kangaroo] trial, was convicted since the State Attorney blocked every defense RW had put together.  The Appellate court affirmed the madness.

CLICK HERE to See the Library of Videos on the Tuttle Causeway Sex Offender Tent City,

Fast Forward Fall 2015.  RW managed to build a decent business in spite of ongoing defamation by the State of Florida on the FDLE website for the following 30 years no sex offense legal problems; however, the defamation resulted  in getting repeatedly evicted for no other reason that he is a “sex offender”, repeated family disenfranchisement, repeated broken relationships, and church disenfranchisement. RW has had no arrests in spite of 30 years living under the heavy hand of Florida. No evidence such as fact based research, psych evaluations or anti social activities suggest RW is a risk to anyone, anywhere at anytime over his life in 30 years since his railroaded, false conviction.

RW while working on a job in Fall 2015 forgets to reregister as a Sex Offender in Manatee County.  He initiates a call to the LEO’s to comply; instead, is arrested and charged with “Failure to Register” under F.S 943.0435, which was not enacted until 1997, approximately 11 years after his conviction. RW now faces some measure of prison time which is also unclear. To say this case exemplifies a verified retro-active Ex-Post Facto wrongful conviction, void of fact or law, no rational basis to justify RW is a threat to anyone, wrongfully convicted to begin, life now ruined is a gross understatement; a constitutional Stigma-plus train wreck.  We must ask ourselves: 1.  Who is the victim in this failure to register? Answer: none exists, it is pure government victimless regulation = unconstitutional, ie no harmful intent.

RW is not the exception, he is the rule. Florida has created an unconstitutional industry of Sex Offender “Civil Regulation” with criminal punishments under the civil color of law. Sex offender laws have grown from a supervisory role in the early 2000’s [see Smith v.Doe, SCOTUS 2003 Connecticut into a full tilt Fascist modus operandi where every minute and move by any alleged offender is supervised and prosecuted through impossible-to-understand vague laws no one understands, nor are attorneys able to advise because of vague complexity.

It doesn’t stop there.  The FDLE has dead people, non sex offenders and identities of [minors in some cases] victims on its sex offender web site.  Simply put, Florida’s sex offender registration laws are infamous throughout the nation and world as among the worst of the worst.

Alienated Children, Family, Career, Foreclosure, Bankruptcy, Child Support Life Destroyed

GW was convicted 1987 in a state in the Northwest which has employed risk based registration – 3 classes similar to Michigan’s [struck down ] law; yet, Washington’s is fact based on research, verifying GW was always lowest risk.  Since Florida only has one risk level which is higher than the highest level in Washington, Florida arbitrarily, retroactively escalates GW’s risk level far higher than the original state of his conviction of which was also falsely railroaded based on unreliable child hearsay.

GW is unemployable.  He was fired before starting work from several low paying jobs he got early on in Florida.  With each firing he is then put into a nationwide “DO NOT HIRE” database.  Florida then refuses to comply with Federal child support laws.  Endless, vexatious harassment continues unabated at the state level, ruining relations with children and family, stigmatizing even his children resulting in their long term alienation.  He has not seen his children since 1987 and 2012, despite no probable cause.  Florida courts simply apply a “scorched earth” policy especially in Family courts but also criminal courts; the modus operandi is to strip the party of all finances, property, children, family, career, employability and name regardless of the facts, usually no attempt to verify or honor fact or law.

We must face the fact that certain lobbyists attorneys have made millions off of “non profit” entities under the color of child protection.  One such infamous lobbyist in Florida is the homeless housing officer while on the other hand making sure that hundreds of sex offenders live under a bridge – The Tuttle Causeway indefinitely. We must ask ourselves is this what our forefathers died for?  No, it is apriori despicable and criminal.

What to Do?

RW has filed a Federal Removal  based on Unconstitutional modus operandi’s in Florida courts as of March 2016.  His case is pending in Federal court, has filed a Constitutional Challenge to F.S 943.0435. His arguments are Ex-post Facto, 1st, Fourth, Fifth and Fourteenth Amendment violations which have no statute of limitations since they are due process issues.

Landmark Case: Sixth Circuit U.S. Court of Appeals Strikes Ex-Post Facto down in Michigan.

Significant changes to Michigan’s sex offender registry law cannot be applied retroactively to potentially thousands of sex offenders because the revisions unconstitutionally stiffen the punishment of offenders after their convictions, a federal appeals court ruled Thursday. The 6th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals reversed part of a lower-court ruling, saying the state cannot impose harsher restrictions enacted in 2006 and 2011 on offenders who were convicted before the law was changed. The court said the revisions, which include restricting offenders’ movement near schools, penalize sex offenders as “moral lepers.” U.S. District Court Judge Robert Cleland ruled last year that those changes could be imposed retroactively but declared other portions of the law unconstitutional.

RECOMMENDED FOR FULL-TEXT PUBLICATION Pursuant to Sixth Circuit I.O.P. 32.1(b) File Name: 16a0207p.06 UNITED STATES COURT OF APPEALS FOR THE SIXTH CIRCUIT, download at the following URL:

Michigan reportedly had better laws than Florida since there was some recognition for risk levels whereas Florida classifies all sex offenders as “high risk, high recidivism” despite hundreds or thousands of expert fact based research and thousands of hours of research contradicting the sex offender “high risk” myth. The Sixth Circuit U.S. Court of Appeals in Michigan saw through the sham and correctly struck it down.  Since the “high risk” myth has turned every sex-offender into a disenfranchised “moral leper” terminated of the ability of Life [through suicide or vigilante murders] , liberty, family, property [employment], travel, the Sixth Circuit U.S. Court of Appeals properly struck this constitutional trainwreck called SORA in Michigan down. We recommend the following  actions:

Get informed.

  1. Get informed. The cornerstone of Stigma-plus is defamation, which is the publication of false information. Since the “high risk” factor is exposed as a myth, defamation results, not trivial but resulting in suicides and vigilante murders.  See also http://WhidbeyNewsTimes,
  2. Download the Sixth Circuit U.S. Court of Appeals Michigan case and read it further at the following URL
  1. Call your State and Federal Representatives and demand compliance with the U.S. constitution in your state regarding these laws which include both Federal and State enforcement: offers government contacts for both State and Federal.

  1. If you are in Florida, call your representative and demand constitutional sanity regarding F.S 943.0435, which should be repealed, amended or struck down. Also contact for further much-needed support, resources and other information.
  2. Contact the Manatee County Court system and require constitutional compliance by striking Ex-Post Facto enforcement of F.S 943.0435.
  3. Pray that our Creator God – Yahweh will deliver us from this Tyranny and restore our families.

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Stigma-Plus Trophies Heavy Handed Mythical Unconstitutional Ex-Post Facto