Sex Offender Reg Unconstitutional Cruel Unusual Says Colorado Feds

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Sex Offender Reg Unconstitutional Cruel Unusual Says Colorado Feds


Predatory v Non Predatory Sex Offenders Defines Tier LevelsAVNETNEWS – Sex offender registration struck down 8-31-2017 in Colorado’s Tenth Circuit Federal court.  Employment and housing barriers were named as 8th and 14th Amendment barriers to the U.S. Constitution.  Housing harassment, neighborhood irrational treatment.  The court states…

“…that these witnesses established that registered sex offenders and their families and friends face a known, real, and serious threat of retaliation, violence, ostracism, shaming, and other unfair and irrational treatment from the public, directly resulting from their status as registered sex offenders, and regardless of any threat to public safety based on an objective determination of their specific offenses, circumstances, and personal attributes.” And

“…what the plaintiffs have shown is that the public has been given, commonly exercises, and has exercised against these plaintiffs the power to inflict punishments beyond those imposed through the courts, and to do so arbitrarily and with no notice, no procedural protections and no limitations or parameters on their actions other than the potential for prosecution if their actions would be a crime.”

Michigan’s Sixth Circuit U.S. Court of Appeals struck down Sex Offender laws based on Ex Post Facto heavy handed retroactive requirements of sex offender registration in August 2016.  Pennsylvania Supreme Court also struck down sex offender laws under Ex Post Facto constitutional violations in 2017. Other states such as California and others are reviewing sex offender registration requirements.

Readers are urged to arm themselves with Fact based Research refuting the myth of “high recidivism” of sex offenders available for download at  DOJ and 7 other states independent research shows that Sex Offenders are among the lowest recidivism of any crime group.  A complete 78 page white paper can be downloaded from 


Sex Offender Reg Unconstitutional Cruel Unusual Says Colorado Feds