Lynn Lotsey Libels Slanders Gary Woodroffe in Family Law Case

Lynn Lotsey Gary Woodroffe

Lynn Lotsey Gary Woodroffe Parental Alienation Slander Libel

Lynn Lotsey A.KA Mahan Slanders,  Libels Gary Woodroffe, Alienates Child

SARASOTA, FL – Lynn Lotsey A.KA Mahan alleges slanderous, libelous falsehoods against Gary Woodroffe in court causing ruination and damages to Woodroffe’s career, employability, finances and

Lynn Lotsey Parental Alienator Gary Woodroffe's child
Lynn Lotsey Parental Alienation Parental Alienator Gary Woodroffe child. Lynn Lotsey Gary Woodroffe

reputation. The world wide slanderous damages to Woodroffe triggered by Lotsey’s false accusations submitted to the Twelfth Circuit Court of Sarasota, then the State of Florida in the high conflict, rancorous family law matter through her former attorney who knew the information was false, outside of the jurisdiction of the court and law.

These falsehoods are documented, proven false; submitted and proven to Ms. Lotsey, neither she nor the courts of the Twelfth circuit will recognize the damage to Mr. Woodroffe and his son by reason of the libelous falsehoods. Even though proof is submitted to Ms. Lotsey and the court, she refuses to acknowlege or correct the damage in any way; instead, she has waged a campaign to deceive, manipulate and alienate their son with the same falsehoods in combination with highly controverserial psychotropic drugs. The 14 year old is grossly underweight, unhealthy physically and psychologically; violent and faces criminal charges due to grossly inadequate parenting.

Parental Alienation Lynn Lotsey Gary Woodroffe
Lynn Lotsey Gary Woodroffe Parental Alienation

If you are reading this article chances are you found it by search engine, search for Gary Woodroffe. Since search engines don’t claim to report the truth, only what they find, here is the rest of the story.

Lynn Lotsey Gary Woodroffe

Courts Ignore Fraud Upon the Court, Slander, Refuse Relief

NO you can't live with your dad Lynn Lotsey Gary Woodroffe
Lynn Lotsey Gary Woodroffe Parental Alienation

Although Woodroffe has supplied documented proof in court stating that he is not a sexual predator to courts, the State of Florida and legal departments of search engines, the proof has fallen on deaf ears. Courts appear as though they don’t read the pleadings or review the evidence then deny Woodroffe’s Petition without comment. Woodroffe has repeatedly requested that Lotsey assist to correct the problem but she has refused any effort; yet, continues to sue in family court, slander, libel and stigmatize her child’s father despite mediated court orders and other court orders to minimize litigation intended to create a positive environment for the child; Lotsey will have none of it, instead has sued her child’s family and their future into ruin, with the “help” of her extended family who have financed their child’s destruction.

“Collateral” Damage: Ruined Career, Foreclosure, Poverty, Terminated Civil Rights

Woodroffe’s formerly thriving career in Information Technologies has been apparently ruined by Lotsey’s destructive agenda. Although he built a stellar career in Silicon Valley, Ca while employed with a number of Fortune 100 Companies, Ms. Lotsey who saw the child’s father as a deep pocket, meal ticket, pursued his libel and slander through the advice of her attorney, knowing fully her accusations were false, intending to destroy him while disregarding the child’s future for some irrational agenda of hers, driven by her attorney’s “legal advice” obsession to destroy for his monetary or personal gain.

Woodroffe is now unable to gain employment in any job, not just Information Technologies, but apparently any menial job as well. Woodroffe has tried for years to land employment, is repeatedly fired before starting work, enduring horrific comments regarding the public stigma levied through Lotsey’s libelous, slanderous falsehoods employed by political agenda’s. Lotsey refuses to acknowledge or realize she has destroyed the breadwinner’s career as well as their son’s present and future collge education, while plunging all of them into depths far below the poverty level, having been on food stamps and public assistance for years. Woodroffe’s name appears so stigmatized that his business is failing as well.

Lynn Lotsey Gary Woodroffe

Criminalize Parental Alienation
Lynn Lotsey Gary Woodroffe Parental Alienation

“Vexatious Litigant” Order in Family Law Proceeding Despite Florida Statute 68.093

Woodroffe, representing himself, against a long time crony veteran attorney funded by her extended family, grossly under represented. Lotsey filed the third attempt in court to gag Woodroffe, preventing him from exercising his constitutional rights in court, simply to gain normal shared parenting, described as the standard policy in Florida law. She also filed three attempts without just cause or evidence to cut the dad off completely, indefinitely from the child, despite his repeated requests to see dad, she denied visitation and communication. All attempts to cut off Woodroffe in court were denied by the judge.

Lotsey’s litigation, 80 % of which was financially motivated to destroy Woodroffe’s finances, under advice from her attorney alleged that Woodroffe had filed too many documents in their arduous, frivolous, litigous, family law matter. Woodroffe attempted to defend against a deluge of inane litigation in the family law matter since year 2000, Lotsey’s attorney argued that Woodroffe was Vexatious despite F.S 68.093 specifically disallows family law matters. Although Woodroffe does not meet the qualifications of a “Vexatious Litigant” per Florida Statute the court applied the law in violation of Florida law and constitution.

Even though Woodroffe is indigent, it is impossible to hire an attorney, courts have prejudiced the case with Lotsey’s destructive agenda, jeopardizing the health and well being of the child.

The result is that Woodroffe must hire an attorney to represent him before filing anything in court, regardless if it an emergency matter of the child’s health. The court removes Woodroffe’s filings and sends them back to him, even if he is getting sued by Lotsey, in his own defense.

Woodroffe’s Constitutional Rights, Access to the Court, Citizenship, Parental Rights are Terminated: No Probable Cause or Due Process

Woodroffe’s Constitutional Rights, Access to the Court, Citizenship, Parental Rights are Terminated without probable cause, just cause, due process or the rule of law by Lotsey and the court. Through Lotsey’s leveraging libelous slander, she has in effect employed Woodroffe’s Termination of Parental Rights, Citizenship, Bill of Rights and fundamental protection of the government for his child and himself. Given the highly charged public stigma of the “sexual predator” designation, no attorney or citizen anywhere has stepped up to level the playing field for Woodroffe’s son. The child as well as other protagonists are left in gross peril by aborting the fundamental protections our founding fathers understood were vital to a successful family and nation. The ultimate victim here is the child, especially having no understanding of the profound damage to his fundamental constituional rights and no voice to speak for himself.

Currently, the child is addicted to highly addictive prescription drugs Adderall an Amphetamine. He is irrational, sullen, flunking, refuses to communicate and has his mothers full support to disrespect, insult, attack physically and verbally his dad. His antisocial activities include stalking.

Lynn Lotsey Gary Woodroffe

Foreclosure Results from Lotsey’s Scorched Earth Agenda

Woodroffe’s homestead is in foreclosure due to Lotsey’s hell bent for destruction agenda, hearing for Motion for Summary Judgement set June 4, 2013. Due to Florida’s “scorched earth” policy concerning sex offenses, Woodroffe see’s the likelihood their high risk, antisocial child will grow up through his teen years without the father experts testified is so vital for his well being.

Normal life in any normal social manner appears impossible: church, shopping, every knock on the door has an element of fear of harrasment.

High Risk Child is Subject to Public Stigma

Lotsey refuses to acknowledge the high risk of harrassment to their child resulting from the public stigma of Woodroffe’s name she has generated through her “scorched earth” family law policy. The child is isolated, sullen, irrational, flunked out of school and exhibits similar behavior as many of the shooters over the last twenty years, also documented to have been taking similar psychotropics.

Lynn Lotsey Gary Woodroffe

Woodroffe Now Indigent Libeled, Slandered in Public and Twelfth Circuit Family Law By Lotsey

Now indigent, Woodroffe was pulling in a six figure income while in California. Having no protection for his son or himself, Woodroffe’s emergency filings were removed by the court since he is rendered a “Vexatious Litigant” and is required to hire an attorney to file anything, even though the court recognizes he is indigent.

He believes that every citizen is endangered by the outlawry employed wrecklessly by Lotsey, then rendered into law by courts endangering the citizens they are ordained to protect. This case is a trophy of what a train wreck the family law court has degenerated into. It should be dismantled.

Damage to Child: Prescripton Adderall Addiction, Parental AlienationSlaves and Dads

While under Lotsey’s “sole parent” role, family law rancor escalated to a fever pitch in March 2012 after the 13 year old child was clandestinely put on the controversial psychotropic drug Adderall, under the employment of the unlicensed therapist Sheryl Link. Later a Sarasota judge declared the clandestine meetings between Link and the child, arranged by Lotsey was in violation of their court order. The child now fourteen years of age demonstrates irrational thinking, antisocial activites, violence and grades at an all time low. Woodroffe has not had parenting time with his son since March 2012, while Lotsey endorses and supports the alienation.

Lotsey employed the age old modus operandi falsely stating in court that Woodroffe was convicted as a sexual predator, in a family law matter, with full knowledge the statement was wholly untrue. Lotsey under her attorney’s advice submitted the proposed order, signed into order without review or scrutiny, by the retiring family law judge in 2006 without question or review as one of the last matters while on the bench.

Court transcripts show the matter of Woodroffe having been convicted as a sexual predator was never discussed in the hearing of 2006, which was the third attempt of Lotsey to employ a gag order to prevent Woodroffe from trying to exercise basic rights to parent their young son, then six years old, diagnosed by experts having a permanent disability. Instead, over Woodroffe’s objection in court, Lotsey’s attorney was allowed to write the order who then injected the false “sexual predator” libel onto the first page. Since normal citizens don’t qualify for equal justice under the law, the courts refuse to review or provide relief to Lotsey’s destructive agenda.

Lotsey, who refuses three court orders to mediate to mediate the high conflict family law case, continues to litigate to this day with intent to keep child support amounts over ten times allowable amounts per Florida and Federal law.

Alleged Phoney Child Support Arrears Now Approaches $90,000 by Lotsey’s Scorched Earth Family Policy

The State of Florida employing Lotsey’s scorched earth family law policy refuses to modify child support, despite State and Federal law to keep support amounts in compliance with review every three years. Child support is still set at stratospheric amounts set when the child was eleven months old, $1024 per month, when Woodroffe was allowed employment under his Bill of Rights allowed in a different state than Florida. Woodroffe has not made a total of $80,000 total since 2004 if all nine years were totaled.

By now Lotsey’s agenda appears to irrational to onlookers that even her vicious financial motivations do not appear valid; rather, the only motivation apparent is the total destruction of her child’s father… his (and their son’s) name, career, future, provision, citizenship, legal rights and any resemblance of a normal life.

End this type of legal abuse.

If you are another employer just Googling Woodroffe, then consider the truthfulness of what you read, especially when vicious family law matters like this are involved. Stand up for what is right, rather than just believing like another sheeple.

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