Dr Mario Jimenez District 40 Florida Senate

PRESS RELEASE – Dr. Mario Jimenez District 40 Florida Senate Candidate

Dr Mario Jimenez District 40 Florida Senate
Dr. Mario Jimenez District 40 Florida Senate Candidate 


By Cyrus King

Dr. Mario Jimenez District 40 Florida Senate Candidate


Dr. Mario Senate candidate District 40  is back in the running for Florida Senate.

Dr.  Mario:

  • A Medical Doctor – no big ego’s to support,
  • An Olympic Boxer Medal Winner –
  • A married family man with children
  • A compassionate human being, respected in his church and community.
  • Graduated at the top of his class B.S.E.E and M.D.

Dr.  Mario ran as the underdog against Frank Artiles last fall.

This author having known Dr. Mario for about 4 years attests to Dr. Mario’s character. Dr. Mario is well loved in his community having generously extended his medical services to many for little or no cost to the poor; he says the majority of his clients don’t speak English.

Dr. Mario is not running to become a politician; he runs to bring attention to the profound need to restore the parent-child relations so often destroyed in family courts and DCF.  Dr. Mario’s sees the Family Court damages firsthand.

We don’t have the millions Frank Artiles had to buy campaign moguls, we are volunteers operating on no budget, just using our tech skills while trusting our Creator.  To learn more about Dr. Mario here is more you can find a wealth of information, you won’t go wrong supporting Dr. Mario:

Dr. Mario is looking for volunteers and donations.  To contact Dr. Mario EMAIL here.



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