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Medical Doctors Push Back For Trump On Psychologist Malpractice

Bruce Nathan - Florida Governor-elect 2018, Doctors 4 Trump
Medical Doctors Push Back For Trump On Psychologist Malpractice


-Cyrus King

Bruce Nathan, a Physical Therapist, candidate for 2018 Florida Governor,  expresses outrage at the Psychologist Community for alleged 50,000 Psychologists supporting any statement that Trump is mentally incompetent.  “The statement that Trump is mentally incompetent violates the Goldwater decision, casting an air of incompetent medical malpractice, giving the entire medical profession a black eye”,  in Wikipedia says,

“The editor, Ralph Ginzburg, was sued for libel in Goldwater v. Ginzburg where Goldwater won $75,000 (approximately $579,000 today) in damages.[3]”.     Dr. Jimenez says “The American Psychological Association has violated ethics, since they have not met with President Trump to perform any evaluations. Even if they had met with President Trump it would raise questions of privacy violations according to Federal HIPAA laws protecting Patient – Doctor Confidentiality.  Additionally, anyone can see it is physically impossible for 50,000 health professionals to meet with anyone throughout their lifetime.  The APA statement is defamatory and absurd.”


The APA claim that “50,000” mental health professionals raises legal and ethical questions, regarding violations of HIPAA laws.  Any medical provider at any level would never risk their career and job by divulging private medical records to make a public political statement, lacking fact in violation of the law.  This report cannot be true.


The statement raises defamation questions against Trump.  Our First Amendment does not protect the publisher against liability for publishing false information.  Higher courts have held publishers liable for damages; the same applies here, Calder v. Jones, 465 US 783 – Supreme Court 1984.


Florida Constitution Art I Section 4 states,
SECTION 4. Freedom of speech and press.Every person may speak, write and publish sentiments 
on all subjects but shall be responsible for the abuse of that right. 

PRACTICAL LOGISTICS OF “50,000” Doctors Signing Petition

Lets do the math. A petition like this would have likely been in process for about 6 months. 50,000 / 6 months indicates 8333 contacts with signatures per month would have been necessary to complete, not only initial contact, but followup explanations and signatures for the petitions.  A conservative estimate is that 30 minutes would be required to accomplish each signature.

More math: 8333 signatures per month / 30 days equals 277 contacts and signatures per day would have to be accomplished. If each signature required 30 minutes it would require 6 hours for one person to get 12 signatures in one day.  277 contacts / 12 signatures per person equals 23 people working 6 hours per day 7 days per week for 6 months continuously with a 100% percent success rate; ie, each contact made by each caller would have to agree to sign the petition.  The liklihood that 50,000 medical or mental health professionals would jeopardize their reputation, job or career to make a baseless, factless, lawless political opinion is inconceivable.

More math: a crew of 23 people working 6 hours per day 7 days per week would require paid positions. 6 hours per day times 7 days per week is 42 hours per week 42 hours per week equals $630 per week for each employee. $630 per week times 23 employees is a budget of $14490.00 payroll per week. A 6 month project like this petition comes to 26 weeks times $14,490.00 per week equals $376,490.  For a single purpose, narrow project like this to receive funding of $376,490.00 for a single purpose petition would only come from an obsessed narcissist with too much money, too much time and lacking the ability to reason.


The highly improbable nature of the so called “50,000 mental health professionals” signing such a petition says the statement by the APA is another malicious, defammatory falsehood concocted by a very few financiers perpetrating failure upon our elected President Donald J. Trump.  It follows that those financiers would have no fear of defamation damages since they are likely multi-billionaires, which there are only a handful on the planet, so the list of likely perpetrators is easily found by a few searches on the internet.  Those financiers couldn’t care less about a defamation lawsuit because they will simply pay it worse case, or fight it with some attorney on the take.

We likely have one of the most loyal presidents in U.S. history. Sign the petition below, get activated, contact your representatives and


Bruce NathanMedical Doctors Push Back For Trump On Psychologist Malpractice, a Physical Therapist, candidate for 2018 Florida Governorhas created and to rally the voice of the medical community to speak out for medical reason, believes this is the worst of Political dreg,  that APA has no business participating in; pure politics void of fact, reason, violating law and ethics void of fact, mere political shill.

If you are a medical health professional and would like to register an ethical complaint, then voice your opinion to uphold the integrity of medical science,  Dr. Mario asks you to state your case by signing up as a member of the following sites; no cost required, and

Candidate Bruce Nathan  asks volunteers to get involved! Contact Bruce Nathan at and the above websites.


Bruce Nathan, Jewish by birth, a Physical Therapist since 1996, West Palm, Florida.  A family man with 6 kids, Bachelors in Psychology, served our nation as an Army Captain 9 years 2001 -2010, a common sense conservative, Republican candidate for Florida Governor 2018.

Other doctors such as Dr. Mario Jimenez, candiate for Florida Senate District 40,  has experienced the destruction of his native Nicaragua when the communists overran his nation, seizing property violently, driving him and his family out of Nicaragua as a teenager. Dr. Mario is now a fierce patriot and family man; yet, compassionate, on the board of Directors of Nicaragua supporting the Medical Profession in Nicaragua.

[1] Dr. Mario Jimenez B.S.E.E. M.D practices medicine in Miami, Fl as a respected Medical Doctor.  He has graduated in the top of his class in Electrical Engineering and Medicine, is an Olympic Bronze Medalist in boxing and currently running for Florida Senate District 40.  His passion is to vindicate restoration of alienated children and parents, see more at .

Medical Doctors Push Back For Trump On Psychologist Malpractice


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Medical Doctors Push Back For Trump On Psychologist Malpractice