Maryland Family Court Retaliates Against Parents Fighting for Children, Laura Anne Bouma

Maryland Family Court Retaliates Agin Parents & Kids – Laura Bouma

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Maryland Family Court Retaliates Agin Parents & Kids – Laura Bouma

 SARASOTA – “We really don’t know much [about Laura’s arrest warrant] except that they filed seven counts against her.” – Mother of Laura Bouma on July 31, 2016 

Maryland Family Court Retaliates Agin Parents & Kids – Laura Bouma
Maryland Family Court Retaliates Agin Parents & Kids - Laura Bouma
Maryland Family Court Retaliates Agin Parents & Kids – Laura Bouma

Previous conversations with Laura Anne Bouma, state the submission date deadline of one of her many appeals comes due on Monday August 1st, 2016 when…

On or about 7:30AM on Wednesday July 27, 2016; as Laura Anne Bouma drove to an arraignment hearing for a suspect in the murder of a close family friend; she was stopped for speeding in West Virginia. To Laura’s surprise, the arresting officer told her there was a warrant out for her arrest. She was then incarcerated at the City of Martinsburg Regional Jail of Berkley County, West Virginia.

The following quotes are from an interview of her mother, Mary on July 31, 2016 at around 1PM EST.

What did you receive from anybody with regards to the warrant? What did it say?:

“We don’t know what the full charges are…and we don’t even know who filed the charges…we know nothing still.”

“We have not received anything…nothing at all [in writing]. [During a family visitation to the jail], Laura was given…some information [from her attorney.] [Laura asked the guard whether or not she could give her family what she was given] and he said ‘no’. But [Laura stated that] there’s not really much of anything on there.”*

If the actions of the state of Maryland sound suspicious, it should be noted that certain experienced law enforcement officers have advised us that the family needs to request copies of this information directly from the prisoner’s attorney. This is because the requested information may not be open to the public. However, in the humble opinion of the author, the so-called sealed nature of the warrant does NOT excuse the fact that Laura continues to be kept ignorant of the precise accusations coming from the state of Maryland.

*[The United States Supreme]Court ruled on what nondisclosure by a prosecutor violates due process:

‘It is a requirement that cannot be deemed to be satisfied by mere notice and hearing if a State has contrived a conviction through the pretense of a trial which in truth is but used as a means of depriving a defendant of liberty through a deliberate deception of court and jury by the presentation of testimony known to be perjured. Such a contrivance by a State to procure the conviction and imprisonment of a defendant is as inconsistent with the rudimentary demands of justice as is the obtaining of a like result by intimidation.’

Petitioner [of Habeas Corpus] charges that the State holds him in confinement without due process of law in violation of the Fourteenth Amendment of the Constitution of the United States. The grounds of his charge are, in substance, that the sole basis of his conviction was… that these authorities deliberately suppressed evidence (quoting Brady v. Maryland SCOTUS (1963) [quoting Mooney v. Holohan SCOTUS (1935)])

Judge Lacks Oath of Office

In the Howard County, MD Family Court case of Bouma v. Bouma, it’s important to note that, according to a previous phone conversation with George McDermott – U.S. House of Representatives for District 4, George attended at least one of Laura’s hearings where he witnessed the judge was both retired nor had their required oath of office – making any subsequent order null & void. One of George’s priorities for Maryland is to “find out the definitive date of the constitutional amendment if any that allows sworn officers of the court and judges the power and authority to falsely imprison citizens of the United States with unsigned orders”

Now, Laura, an outspoken mother fighting for the fundamental rights to be a loving parent to her son JB against all odds – including against an alleged abusive wealthy father who allegedly brazenly claims to have the Maryland judiciary in his back pocket.

Laura’s fight continues to cause deep physical and psychological trauma to her and to her son: Ray Brandle, Kay Johnson, Laura Bouma Interview

 Maryland Family Court Retaliates Agin Parents & Kids – Laura Bouma

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Maryland Family Court Retaliates Agin Parents & Kids – Laura Bouma