Manatee County Ed TV Renegs on Support for Veterans and Kids

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SARASOTA, FL May, 2014.  Manattee County TV has reneged on support for Vets and children’s support. After committing to airing a series of shows throughout Fall 2013 and 2014, manager Charles Clapsaddle failed to air the shows, nor did respond to multiple phone calls and emails.   Producers of the show had arranged many guests, data, information and support groups for the help of struggling children and their dads; however, MTV pre empted the Why dads Matter with a program starring the Chief Judge and State Attorney Juvenile division, both of which are steeped in acrimony with the producers.  This is a case where personal acrimony between legal officers pre empts the well being of thousands and millions of children and dads, some of which are decorated veterans, against their kids, mooting their faithful service and their kids abandoned by the same government they served:

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The following Youtube Video demonstrates MTV’s acquiesce to politics and money:

This comes at a time where children and dads are pushed past the brink of suicide as in the “Purple Heart” Youtube Video while public information verifies 24.5 million children never see or hear from their dads.  See also

 Manatee County Ed TV Renegs on Support for Veterans and Kids