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Judge Exposes BLM Pasture Arson Video Modus Operandi

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Judge Exposes BLM Pasture Arson Video


I am Bruce Doucette, Superior Court Judge for the Continental United States( 720-338-0394) and I want to give you some context for the video recently released by the Oregon Statewide People’s Common Law Grand a Jury.

About 2 weeks after setting up and implementing the murder of LaVoy Finicum, here is the latest video to be released by the Oregon Statewide People’s Common Law Grand Jury, recorded on 2/12/16, showing undeniable evidence the BLM setting fires in order to damage We the People, destroy our property, kill our livestock, and force us to give up and leave our ranches. It looks like it might even be an effort to kill more innocent ranchers.

What is the definition of the problem?

We are witnessing an increasing level of lawlessness from our own government agencies. The lawlessness has now reached epidemic proportions with no signs yet of our government and its agencies taking any appropriate corrective action to Restore the Rule of Law.

What is the root cause of this lawlessness in our government?

Why does our government purposefully hurt We the People? Each government agency has been unconstitutionally and unlawfully converted into a private corporation. How do we know this? Because we can look these corporations up in databases to find their DUNS numbers:

BLM DUNS number is 926038563 and FBI DUNS number is 878865674. They are listed as private companies. So instead of our public officials operating in the offices in the Public Trust that our Founders designed for the benefit of We the People, today when we elect a public servant, they are unconstitutionally and unlawfully entering an office in a private corporation, leaving the dejure office vacant. So since these government entities are all corporations, we now know why they are demonstrating criminal behavior: revenues and profits! Of course we would not be witnessing murders like Lavoy’s nor the setting of destructive fires if such acts were not profitable for the network of corporations acting under color of law as if they are our government.

What is the prescribed corrective action to eliminate this lawlessness and return our government operations to be of, by, and for We the People?

As ugly as our current reality is, we do know what We the People MUST do to reestablish the Rule of Law. We must reestablish our People’s Common Law Grand Jury in every county and state along with electing a full slate of county officials to take over the dejure offices in the Public Trust on the land jurisdiction, which are now vacant. The courageous folks in Oregon are standing up to stop this lawlessness now. There are also teams of We the People in Colorado, Florida, Nebraska, Hawaii, and many more States that are doing the same work. By reestablishing the authentic, not the corporate, government in each county, we can begin to hold these public officials accountable in their private capacity for all the crimes they are committing and shut these criminal corporations down. Please go to to learn more.

To view this latest shocking video, go to

Judge Exposes BLM Pasture Arson Video

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