Homestead Condition Update 6768 Mauna Loa Blvd, Sarasota


Affidavit Homeowner Appellant

Homestead Condition Update 6768 Mauna Loa Blvd, Sarasota, Fl 34241

As of 12-9-2018

Sarasota case: 2012-CA-08232-NC

Federal U.S.District Court of Tampa 8:18:-cv-01437-CEH

Under penalty of perjury do I swear the following is true and correct:

  1. Homestead at the above address was damaged during Hurricane Irma date 9-11-2017 in the following description:
  2. Black Mold. Experienced contractor builder of 40 years states black mold damage is present especially in the attic but not limited to kitchen area and throughout the house, where heavy damage from roof leaks occurred. Builder says the majority of interior walls need to be replaced to correct mold issue; that the house is near a total loss.

  1. Ceiling damage from roof leak. Kitchen ceiling is heavily damaged from roof leak, considerable standing water poured in through roof leak. Replacing kitchen ceiling will further open up entire house to black mold.
  2. Homeowner is advised black mold is more toxic than lead.
  3. Lightning damaged roof, punched a hole in a crucial corner of the roof valleys exacerbating drain problems, also causing another leak with an additional black mold source.
  4. Electrical damage throughout: numerous outlets don’t work after storm damage, bathroom lights and outlets no longer function since Hurricane Irma, other lights and outlets don’t work.
  5. Exterior electrical repairs are needed; hanging wires in broken conduit.
  6. Air conditioner need replacing may be 20 years old or more, duct work needs replaced, leaks air and uses a lot of energy.

  1. Tub and sink in master bath is rusted through, repaired with a patch. Needs replacing. Plumbing problems in both bathrooms need a plumber. Neither of 2 toilets flush properly.
  2. Shower in Master bathroom leaks inside the wall when turned on, so is non functional.
  3. Yard and trees needs extensive rehab. Enormous Oak tree about 3 feet from house on east side is a lethal risk any direction it falls, will tear up the foundation if it goes over.
  4. Back yard trees are rotten and has split narrowly missing the house in Hurricane Irma; is still needing removal.
  5. Garage door destroyed during Hurricane Irma.
  6. No kitchen appliances function properly and are trash.
  7. Kitchen cabinets, sinks and counters are trash.
  8. Carpets are trash.
  9. The roof needs replacing.
  10. Many plumbing problems in both bathrooms and kitchen.
  11. National Insurance has paid out approximately $12,000 about 1 year ago to the bank; however, refuses to pay out for repairs. Bank may have committed insurance fraud and may need to litigate.
  12. Deteriorating house condition not limited to black mold is a health risk where Bank, Insurance Company and attorneys may be liable for toxic black mold health issues, by refusing to perform necessary repairs since they have already been paid.
  13. Florida Dept. of Revenue and Lizabeth Lynn Lotsey are alleged to having engaged in Third Party Fraud on homeowner, triggering foreclosure for a fraudulent claim. Their alleged Third Party fraud triggers foreclosure; hence, the enormous amount of litigation appear in state and Federal courts appearing to have no end in the foreseeable future. Any perspective buyer should expect to be a party in litigation.
  14. Street drains are under construction by Sarasota County. Drains typically flood up to near the top of the driveway during heavy rains.
  15. Summary: builder advises the house is near a total loss primarily from [forced] neglect, If repairs are not accomplished soon it will be a tear down.


Gary Woodroffe

6768 Mauna Loa Blvd

Sarasota, Fl 34241