Hammond Ranch Burns Ore Common Law Redress of Grievances

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Hammond Ranch Burns Ore Common Law Redress of GrievancesThis hard to find document quotes the REDRESS OF GRIEVANCES presented to Harney County Govt. Official on Dec. 11, 2015 about the same time the independent press such as TVOI News Idaho and Pete Santilli, Alex Jones published the unspoken story not published by the lapdog mainstream government propaganda machines.

Hammond Ranch Burns Ore Common Law Redress of Grievances

Hammond Ranch Burns Ore Common Law Redress of GrievancesAVNetnews commends those independent news channels such as TVOI News, Pete Santilli and Alex Jones who at considerable sacrifice have worked overtime to preserve our constitution while exposing the breathtakingly corrupt government agenda; the war on families, property and liberty.

We the People – United Individuals of these States United:

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December 11, 2015

NOTICE: Redress of Grievance

Notice to agent is notice to principle: notice to principle is notice to agent

Sheriff David Ward, Commissioner Dan Nichols, Commissioner Pete Runnels, Justice of the Peace Donna Thomas, District Attorney Tim Colahan, Attorney General Ellen Rosenblum, Governor Kate Brown

Dear Sirs,

After extensive research on the Hammond case, We the People of these States United have reason to believe that Dwight and Steven Hammond were not afforded their rights to due process as protected by the United States Constitution.

We have principled evidence that Dwight and Steven Hammond committed no crime in the act of performing the prescribe burn and back fire, that the U.S. Government does not have authority to enforce Territorial law under Article Four within the State of Oregon, and that the County of Harney and State of Oregon failed to protect the Hammond’s rights as guaranteed by the U.S. Constitution. USC 42.1986, 18.242, 18.121,42.1983,42.1985,

We hold compelling evidence that the U.S. Government abused the federal court system, situating the Hammond family into duress as effort to force the Hammond’s to sell their Steen Mountain property to a federal agency.

We have substantial evidence that the U.S. Attorney’s Office exploited an act of Congress, imposing cruel and unusual punishment upon residents of Harney County.

We hold substantial evidence that inside the borders of Harney County the U.S. Government is acting outside the authority enumerated in the Constitution of the United States.

We secure evidence that the U.S. Attorney’s Office independently prepared the indictment against Dwight & Steven Hammond, and that the Grand Jury did not properly assemble or investigate before the indictment. We have no evidence that the Grand Jury participated in the indictment altogether.

We have sure evidence that U.S. Congress does not have authority to legislate minimum sentences, requiring Dwight and Steven Hammond to serve five years in a federal penitentiary.

We hold confirming video evidence of federal agents exhibiting a culture of intimidation toward individuals and businesses within the borders of Harney County. That federal agents, by fire destroy private property, and that the Hammond family are being denied the same protection of the laws that are enjoyed by federal agents.

We have supporting evidence that Judge Hogan controlled the narrative and did not allow full disclosure in the courtroom. We have additional evidence that Dwight and Steven Hammond were sentenced for something different than what they were found guilty of.

We hold sounding evidence that Dwight and Steven Hammond are victims of cruel and unusual punishment, and that the u.S. Justice Department is violating the 8th Amendment.

We hold sure evidence that Dwight and Steven Hammond are being subject for the same offense twice put in jeopardy. Including that the Ninth District Court of Appeals is in violation of the 5th Amendment.

We have obtained appalling evidence that the u.S. Attorney’s Office threatened the Hammond family with early detention and further punishment, if the Hammond family continued to communicate with a certain individual. This evidence foundationally speaks against the u.S. Attorneys Office in their gross effort to infringe upon the Hammond’s right to free exercise of speech. 1st Amendment, USC 18.242

In a commitment to expose the truth and administrate justice, We the People of these States United insist that you immediately assemble an independent Evidential Hearing Board (EHB) comprised of the people of Harney County in accordance with Common Law principals. That the Evidential Hearing Board call witnesses and investigate each of these allegations publicly. That the Evidential Hearing Board make public conclusions in writing upon their findings. That the Harney County Board of Commissioners and the Sheriff’s Department enforce the conclusions of the Evidential Hearing Board in support of the United States Constitution. We further insist that the Hammond family be protected from reporting to federal prison until all allegations can be determined.

We need not remind you of your lawful duty to act on these matters as insisted, nor of the consequences if you knowingly neglected your duty. USC 18.2382, 18.2071, 18.2076,42.1983,42.1985, 42.1986

In light of the information presented, we require your thoughtful response within 5 days of the date of this notice. If we do not receive your response within 5 days, we will have no choice but to understand that you do not wish to do your duty and are content in acting in negligence to your solemn oath to the people who have placed you in this fiduciary position and in defiance of your obligation to defend the Rights and Liberties of the people. Therefore, govern yourself accordingly.


We the People – United Individuals of these States United

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Hammond Ranch Burns Ore Common Law Redress of Grievances

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