Florida Law Enshrines Defamation Affecting Thousands of Families

Sex Offender Facts-Recidivism Stigma-Plus

Florida Law Enshrines Defamation Affecting Thousands

DOJ & 7 States Debunks “Frighteningly High Recidivism” Myth
Florida Law Enshrines Defamation Affecting Thousands
What is Stigma-Plus? See Rehberg v. Paulk.

FLORIDA – Florida Law Enshrines Defamation Affecting Thousands. Florida is known world wide for having among the top several heavy handed unconstitutional sex offender registration laws. This falsehood may be one of the biggest scams in U.S. history: defamation of an entire class of people similar to the Dred v. Scott SCOTUS decision of approximately 1845 said that people of color were only 4/5 of a human being.

While this is the opinion destroying of thousands of offenders whose lives, liberty, property and familes especially the children they intend to protect, are ruined by these laws. DOJ Fact base research and 7 other independent States studies turn the “frighteningly high recidivism” myth on its head. Fact based DOJ research shows non predatory sex offenders are possibly the lowest recidivism. More states including Michigan, California, Colorado and Pennsylvania are seeing the breathtaking destruction of constitutional rights and changing laws – either by legislation such as California’s new 3 tier system signed into law 2017, Michigan struck down in 2016 by USCA 6th CKt in Doe v. Snyer and other states are considering changes as well.

Florida Law Enshrines Defamation Affecting Thousands
This small child shows his homelessness caused by the heavy handed Florida laws which resulted in his homelessness. DOJ & Florida Law Enshrines Defamation Affecting Thousands

The DOJ & 7 state research can be seen at https://whidbeynewstimes.wordpress.com/sex-offender-recidivism-conclusions/ shows how destructive this type of “lynching by media” can be when it goes outside the law. Michigans sex-offender laws were not nearly as onerous as Florida’s; yet, the USCA dealt it a death blow calling it harsher than probation, turning registered citizens into “moral lepers.”

Certain groups such as The Florida Action Committee ,

Women Against Registry and Narsol actively promote reform in legislators.

Download the 78 pages White Paper “Recidivism Comparison Washington State and Florida” at http://ReGenesisRadio.com/

does a deep dive into child, adult suicide, vigilante murders and DOJ, state by state hard-to-find fact based research that few if any know about.  Let’s get this to our leglislators and give our children a break from the stigma and bullying for no fault of their own.

Florida Law Enshrines Defamation Affecting Thousands