Death Sentence for Whistleblower Terry Trussel Dixie County

Death Sentence for Whistleblower Terry Trussell Dixie County

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Death Sentence for Whistleblower Terry Trussell Dixie County

Affidavit Re Terry Trussell

Date: July 23, 2016


“I still don’t know what a “”simulated legal”” process is. I saw it as a signed document for redress… ”” ,

“The shower is a deadly weapon”. “If I were to fall in that shower I would land on concrete, probably break bones.”

-Terry Trussell

Death Sentence for Whistleblower Terry Trussell Dixie County
Death Sentence for Whistleblower Terry Trussell Dixie County

Terry Trussell, a 73 year old grandfather, Vietnam Veteran, Exemplary History in the community gets a 105 month sentence, under color of law … a death sentence for this frail hero inch at a time…for exposing corruption.

Under penalty of perjury the following undersigned do swear the following is true and correct:

I  testify the following facts having personal first hand knowledge from attending the Sentencing hearing July 22,2016 at the Dixie County Courthouse, Cross City, Florida.

Terry Trussell was charged and convicted of:

  1. Simulating a legal process.
  2. Impersonating an Officer of the Court.

An excellent blow by blow accounting of Terry’s case background can be found at  Author Jason Hoyt also offers an excellent legal description of the constitutional foundation of these horrific charges and sentencing.

Dixie County Gives Terry Trussell a 105 Month Slow Death Sentence Under the Color of Law

As a 73 year old grandfather whose health is failing, a 105 month sentence is cruel and unusual slow death sentence.  In the opinion of this legally seasoned layperson and journalist, Trussell’s sentence shocks the conscience and shreds the First and Eight Amendments.  As a 73 year old grandfather of exemplary character, Terry stood for the Rule of Law by exposing corruption in the Common Core bribery modus operandi, where Dixie County took bribes to implement Common Core against the will of the people. Now Dixie County shoots the messenger.  The handling of this case shocks the conscience.

Terry Trussell is a Whistleblower, Not a Criminal

Terry Trussell was prosecuted by Dixie County LEO’s for “Simulating a Legal Process” while a Foreman of a Grand Jury in a Civil Case.  Terry received a sentence of 105 months in prison; a scathing condemnation was delivered by the Judge who openly disparaged, mocked, discounted or contradicted testimony and evidence presented in behalf of Terry.  Terry testified last in the series of witnesses in the approximately four hour hearing:

About Terry Trussell

Terry Trussell testified under oath he has never been arrested.  He volunteered vigorously in the community for many non profits and the Dixie County Sheriff for many years.  Terry, a 73 years old honorably discharged with commendations from the Vietnam war, a Patriot who loves his country, swore an Oath to Uphold the Constitution, testified as follows:

Terry Trussell’s Testimony

  1. Inadequate medical care in the Cross City Corrections Institution, saying many medications not limited to blood pressure medications were not made available until severe health conditions were exacerbated. “I passed out and fell going up a staircase and was hospitalized. There is no medical care”
  2. Inadequate nutrition – near starvation. Any one of normal intelligence who knew Terry observed Terry appeared emaciated [severe weight loss] at sentencing.  What little food he gets he can’t digest it. Affiant states that Terry appeared emaciated to the severity that he was unrecognizable until approximately 30 minutes into the hearing,
  3. “I am dehydrated, veins are disappearing.” Inadequate water. Terry stated under oath he is allowed three cups of water per day, that he has to ask guards for drinking water.  He testified that certain medications require six glasses of water per day, that he is dehydrated; his veins were collapsed.
  4. “I have a Bowel movements once every 8 – 10 days.”  “I am not able to make a bowel movement without strong laxatives.”
  5. Having permanent disabilities, has no feeling in one leg, doesn’t know where his foot is; therefore, easy to stumble and fall, that he had fallen several times with great difficulty in getting up. “I passed out and fell going up a staircase and was hospitalized. No handicapped facilities.”
  6. “The shower is a deadly weapon”. “If I were to fall in that shower I would land on concrete, probably break bones.”
  7. As a Vietnam Veteran endures repeated bouts of PTSD, goes into mental shutdown.
  8. Filed a True Bill, believed Probable Cause existed demonstrating a Modus Operandi of Bribery from the top levels of Florida State Government to Dixie County, to implement Common Core against the desire of the residents of Dixie County. Terry vetted and verified  the allegations with others, filed the True Bill with LEO’s expecting a following investigation; rather, was prosecuted as a criminal.
  9. “I still don’t know what a “”simulated legal”” process is. I saw it as a signed document for redress, the law doesn’t see it that way.””  Having no knowledge of any violation of Florida state law, Constitution or violation of any other law before or after filing the True Bill, neither does he know how he violated any Florida State law currently.
  10. The True Bill presented to the Dixie county LEO’s was intended as a First Amendment instrument according the U.S Constitution, to expose the modus operandi of bribery from top level’s of Florida government to Dixie County government, with harmful intent to force Common Core upon residents of Dixie County whether or not they opposed Common Core. Terry stated his duty by Oath to the U.S Constitutional and law is to report any violation of the law, which he faithfully performed as he has always, demonstrated by the filing of the True Bill. His understanding  from his days as a young man in the military, his Oath to upholding the U.S. Constitution.
  11. The True Bill was submitted under his First Amendment Constitutional guarantees for redress against the government and freedom of speech.
  12. “I sought the state at every step, fully verified in transcripts; yet, no response or opportunity for resolution.” FDLE LEO’s failed to return any and all of Terry’s attempts to communicate, for purpose to resolve any issues of facts or law. “I followed the law scrupulously.  Sigmeister said a True Bill can be prosecuted.  I found the documents and reality contradict.”
  13. “We have a first amendment, looked at an indictment and True Bill; there was no simulation [of a legal process], not simulated. After this experience I would not have anything to do with any jury.”
  14. None of the witnesses stated Terry was a risk or danger to anyone, should he be released on probation; rather, all testified of Terry’s consistent volunteer contributions Terry has made to the community out of love for his neighbor, country and Oath to the Constitution. The Judge’s castigation of Terry defies Rational Basis, Intermediate or Strict Scrutiny. This unjustified castigation smacks of unspoken political agenda to silence this whistleblower, which is a common modus operandi when wrongdoer is exposed.
  15. At no time was any evidence or testimony presented of harmful intent to any person by Terry to any person.

Since the sentencing hearing Terry has been moved from the Cross City Corrections to a Florida state corrections.

In the humble opinion of this author, this is one of the most egregious violations of the United States constitution of a man of the finest character this nation has ever produced, in the United States 240 year history.

The author of this document is a witness with personal knowledge of Terry Trussel’s death sentence without due process in that hearing July 23, 2016.

Get Involved.

Contact for further contact information.  Contact your state representative and Governors office.  We the people should demand an immediate pardon and release for Terry Trussell.

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Death Sentence for Whistleblower Terry Trussell Dixie County