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AVNetmedia Computers
AVNetmedia Computers

AVNetmedia Computer Technology Sales & Services

AVNetmedia as a Hewlett Packard Business Partner, offers more than 35 years of technology experience including enterprise level supporting Fortune Companies such as Hewlett Packard, Compaq, Intel, Wells Fargo Bank and United Airlines.

Our expertise in includes the latest technologies in business class high performance Mobil Workstations, workstations, Proliant Servers, enterprise class storage, high availability clustering, switches and routers . We are technologies;

We support Technologies

  • Hardware: Laptops, Mobil Workstations, Workstations, Tablets, Proliant Enterprise servers and other vendors, high availability clustering, SAN Storage Area Network, Routers, Switches,
  • Software: Operating systems including Windows, Linux and Novell Netware.
  • Enterprise level to consumer; we support enterprise level to consumer.
  • Networking, security, data backup, disaster recovery.
  • Network design,
  • Repair: Server, Workstation, Laptop repair, mention this promo code 992014 for a 10% off on repair labor.
  • Website design, Web based Marketing, Social Media and SEO.
  • HP Factory Remarketed Refurb items at heavy discounts including quantity sales.  Most items include HP Factory warranty equal to new machines.  Contact us for more information.

Audio Engineering, Recording Podcasting & Recording

We repair:

  • Guitar amplifiers
  • Tube Amplifiers
  • PA Amplifiers

Recording Studio Technologies

  • Ableton Analog & Digital Recording Software consulting
  • Midi
  • Recording Studio Design
  • Compression
  • Final Mix

Music Recording, Arranging, Production, Songwriting

As a Musician we now have a Purpose Driven CD called “Givin’ God the Blues” on Amazon, recording & mastered in our own studios.

Spook My Chile – About Parental Alienation


As an author & Publisher we have a Purpose Driven Book called “The Parable of the KnowNo Family” also available on Amazon.

Video Production

  • Pre, Post, Camera, Sound, Lights, Editing & Podcasting.

ReGenesis Radio

  • Internet Streaming Radio
  • Podcasting
  • Itunes
  • Airtime
  • Preconfigured Appliances

  • Purpose Driven, Faith Based Journalism, leveraging Technologies of all types.