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AVNetnews Breaking News Update June 2017

AVNetnews Breaking News Update June 2017 Tired of Getting Slimed by the Main Stream Media? Our ears are not a toilet. If you’re feeling like the Main Stream Media think […]

High Conflict Family Law Matter Turns Criminal Through Questionable Constitutional Violations

Children Now Made Fatherless Cries Go Unheard by: Raquel Okyay North Carolina assemblywoman is executing legal jihad to financially bury a Mayberry father for the personal benefit of her private […]

Ron Book’s shop hauls in over $2 million in Q2 lobbying fees

Adult & Youth Suicide Statistics

Adult & Youth Suicide Statistics AVNETNEWS 2015 – Cyrus King Updated Sept 1, 2016. Adult & Youth Suicide Statistics: Life, Liberty, Family, Property, Defamation statistics testimony. Is the cure worse […]