American Patriot News Volume 7, Issue 21, October 15, 2018

American Patriot News

Anger Recedes as Normalcy, Good
Humor Mark Kavanaugh’s First Day
on Supreme Court

By Kevin Daley, October 9, 2018,

Justice Brett Kavanaugh appeared at oral arguments for the first time Tuesday, where the bitterness attending his confirmation appeared to break, if only a little.

Throughout his first sitting, Kavanaugh projected command and interacted warmly with his new colleagues, several of whom were especially lighthearted during the arguments. “We wish you a long and happy career in our common calling,” Chief Justice John Roberts told Kavanaugh at the beginning of Tuesday’s arguments, invoking the construction he often uses when publicly offering well wishes to colleagues.

Kavanaugh’s parents, his wife Ashley, and their children were also present in the courtroom, as was his predecessor, Justice Anthony Kennedy. As is tradition, Kavanaugh was seated at the far right of the bench in the seat reserved for the junior justice. Justice Elena Kagan sat one seat to the left. The pair smiled warmly together and laughed throughout, and shook hands at the end of the proceedings. As dean of Harvard Law School, Kagan hired Kavanaugh to teach a course over the winter term.

Kavanaugh appeared poised and engaged during the arguments, asking almost half a dozen questions of lawyers on each side during both of the day’s cases. Read the full article below –

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