2102 Elections Votes Didn’t Count

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2102 Elections Votes Didn’t Count

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AVNETNEWS. Sarasota, Fl. –

2102 Elections Votes Didn’t Count.  The 2012 election goes down as a scam of biblical proportions. While BHO and the demlibs were feverishly campaigning spending billions on the elections, BHO, Acorn and election cronies were feverishly campaigning with the 200 or so electoral college folk that really decide the election – not you or I the voters.

The result is that before the votes were counted this small elite group called the Electoral college were hijacked by BHO and the demlibs. This went glossed over by all levels of the government assigned to protect the peoples interests, fair elections and the lapdog media. This could be an all time scam of Biblical proportions in U.S history.   Govern yourself accordingly.