10 Facts Verify LaVoy Ambush Murder Conspiracy

Featured, Lavoy Finnicum FBI Ambush Murder
10 Facts Verify LaVoy Ambush Murder Conspiracy

Jn 15:13 (NKJV) Greater love has no one than this, than to lay down one’s life for his friends.
John 15:13 (NKJV) 10 Facts Verify LaVoy Ambush Murder Conspiracy .

10 Facts Verify LaVoy Ambush Murder Conspiracy

Military Standard “L-Shaped” Ambush, LEO’s had NO ARREST WARRANTS.

10 Facts Verify LaVoy Ambush Murder Conspiracy: A superb article written by Shasta Lantern revealing a mosaic of damming facts pieced together showing the conspiracy behind the ambush.

Lavoy’s truck was shot up within milliseconds they came over the hill into the ‘dead mans’ road blockade – classified as a deadly weapon.  Read the article here,

“…4th, LaVoy Finicum’s vehicle and it’s occupants were fired upon by Law Enforcement at the initial traffic stop. According to Officer’s own testimony, Finicum’s vehicle was struck by a 40 mm grenade round. Ryan Payne, a fellow activist riding in the front passenger seat of LaVoy’s truck who exited the vehicle to identify the individuals conducting the stop, was struck in the left arm also by a 40 mm grenade. Confirming Shawna Cox’s testimony that the side mirror was struck by live fire, copper shards consistent with a bullet jacket was recovered from the remains of the side view mirror. Finicum did not flee the scene until after he and his passengers had been fired upon by unidentified individuals, in civilian clothing, driving unmarked vehicles.”  and

” 9th, The roadblock was a prepared and pre-scouted ambush. Statements from Oregon State Police show that the location of the ambush that culminated in the execution of LaVoy Finicum was scouted days ahead of time. The location was selected specifically for the blind corner that terminated in the kill zone and the fact that there was no cellular communications possible. FBI operators were at the location two days prior to the stop preparing fighting positions, clearing underbrush and tree limbs for clear lines of sight and creating sniper positions by clearing snow away from tree bases. This can be attested to by the investigation and by a citizen who visited the scene the day after the murder and photographed the evidence of the preparations. The road block was not a procedural Law Enforcement road block, but a standard military style “L-Ambush”.

10 Facts Verify LaVoy Ambush Murder Conspiracy10th, The orders for the authorization of this operation leads to the White House and “National Command Authority.” …”


Shasta Lantern Article Below…

10 Facts That Point Out LaVoy Was Murdered

10 Facts Verify LaVoy Ambush Murder Conspiracy

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